She is here. Relentless Resilience.

Gender-based violence is affecting every aspect of Canadian life. 

Download Aura Freedom’s official Beijing +25 Parallel Report here.

The Grassroots has spoken.


A Canadian Beijing +25 Parallel Report


Gender justice and racial justice go hand in hand. There is no other way.

gender justice and racial justice go hand in hand. there is no other way. Renewing our Commitment to Racial Justice Aura Freedom stands against all forms of racism and colonialism. In our quest to eradicate gender-based violence, we work hard to highlight how systemic racism and colonialism harm Indigenous women, Black women and other women of colour and contribute to increased

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Gender-Based Violence Across the SDGs – A Beijing +25 Initiative

gender-based violence across the SDGs – a beijing +25 initiative #EndGBVtoAchieveSDGs Gender-based violence is a National Emergency in Canada. It is affecting every single aspect of Canadian life and the achievement of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.  Grassroots groups have been advocating for change for a long time. We can’t wait any longer. Gender-based violence is impacting families, communities and entire countries.

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Relentless Resilience – A Beijing +25 Canadian Parallel Report

relentless resilience – a beijing +25 Canadian parallel report The Grassroots has spoken.  In February 2020, Aura Freedom submitted an official Beijing +25 Canadian Parallel Report with a focus on gender-based violence entitled ‘Relentless Resilience. Relentless Resilience is a Beijing +25 Parallel Report that calls for holistic change to address the root causes of gender-based violence (gender inequity, systemic racism,

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Project Impact Report – The Peer Prevention Project

the peer prevention project – impact report & Youth survey results In 2019 only alone, Aura Freedom’s Peer Prevention Project operated in over 36 youth spaces across Toronto with 2,000+ participants to prevent gender-based violence and exploitation in the city. From those 36 presentations, 19 survivors of sexual exploitation, human trafficking and sexual violence came forward and were referred to

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Camp Sisterhood – A Photographic Account of a Post-Earthquake Project, Nepal

Camp sisterhood – a photographic account of a post-earthquake project, nepal A stunning photographic look at Aura Freedom’s “Female Friendly Spaces”, a local intervention to prevent and address gender-based violence in post-earthquake Nepal. Read and / or download the report here: Camp Sisterhood-Aura Freedom Post-Earthquake In partnership with Apeiron Global Photos by Mandy Glinsbockel, on assignment for Aura Freedom in Nepal

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Bikes & Rights – Community Consultation on Child Marriage and Project Proposal, Nepal

bikes & rights – A community consultation to address child marriage – nepal Bikes & Rights was a community study on the connection between education and child marriage and the multiple barriers facing adolescent girls in the village of Mahadevphuri (Banke District of Nepal).  Read and/or download the report here: Bikes & Rights – A Community Consultation to Address Child

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