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A Gender-Based Violence Resource Centre

Relentless Resilience is a movement to end gender-based violence in Canada by Aura Freedom and our many collaborators.

What is gender-based violence (GBV)?

Definitions, root causes and educational resources

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From the Frontlines

Survivor experiences, case studies, and grassroots accounts from frontline workers

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How GBV Impacts Canada & the world

A look at gender-based violence in Canada across the UN Sustainable Development Goals

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why does GBV happen? HOW DO WE END IT?

Root causes, intersectionality and the importance of advancing equality

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what is femicide?

Check out our For Her campaign with educational info, research and more on femicide in Canada.

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Are you or someone you know experiencing violence?

Get help and resources here for survivors of gender-based violence and exploitation

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Facts, Stats, Infographics

Stats on gender-based violence in Canada, infographics and more

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Violence against indigenous women, girls & 2-Spirit

A look at the many forms of violence against Indigenous women, girls and gender diverse people

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Webinars & Videos

Watch webinars, online events and Relentless Resilience campaign videos

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the body bag, FOR HER

Our campaign on femicide with educational info, research and more.

What is femicide? And why is it an urgent emergency?

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Our information portal on domestic sex trafficking in Canada.

A grassroots hub of information and resources to end human trafficking and sexual exploitation in Canada.

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A video series on the societal effects of male violence against women.

A journey through the impact of violence against women on society as a whole

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What is Relentless Resilience?

The report. The campaign. The movement.

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Thank You to Our
Partners and Contributors

We would like to acknowledge all of the frontline workers, grassroots organizers, activists, and survivors who contributed to Relentless Resilience with brilliant and passionate interviews and consultations.

We respectfully and gratefully acknowledge all of your beautiful work to support women, girls and gender diverse peoples in Canada.

The Relentless Resilience report and campaign is by no means a complete look at every grassroots organization in Canada working tirelessly to end gender-based violence. On the contrary, it is the tip of the iceberg.

Relentless Resilience Report Creators:

Author: Marissa Kokkoros

Research Team:

  • Talija Končar, Research Lead
  • Olivia Allen
  • Asha-Keyf Abdi Dahir
  • Christina R Faita
  • Sabrina Daniela Ferreiro Franchi

Production and Design:

  • Marianna Sciortino, Graphic Design
  • Marco Zambon, Production

Relentless Resilience Report Contributors (in order of appearance in original report):

  • Women’s Habitat Of Etobicoke domestic violence shelter
  • Madhu Bector and Carrie Moody, Find Help/211
  • Deborah Sinclair, Independent expert
  • David Garzon, White Ribbon
  • Deb Singh, Toronto Rape Crisis Centre/Multicultural Women Against Rape
  • Lauriann Wade, Registrar of the Transitional Year Program at the University of Toronto
  • Caroline Pugh-Roberts, human trafficking survivor and advocate, frontline GBV crisis worker, peer mentor
  • Nikki Dube,  trauma counsellor, frontline gender-based violence worker
  • Toronto Counter Human Trafficking Network
  • Varka Kalaydzhieva and Leah Watkiss, Collaborative Network to End Exploitation
  • Shirley Gillett, The I DO! Project for Forced Marriage Survivors
  • Farzana Doctor, End FGM/C Canada Network
  • Elham Bakri, Kandaka International for Women’s Rights
  • Melissa Compton, Indigenous/GBV/human trafficking educator, former youth worker for Indigenous youth in care
  • Bridget Perrier, Indigenous educator, human trafficking expert, co-founder of SexTrade101
  • Loly Rico, Luis Alberto Mata, Jaitra Sathyandran and Natasha Rollings, FCJ Refugee Centre
  • Witta Nicoyishakiye, The Ontario Council of Agencies Serving Immigrants (OCASI)
  • Safia Hirsi, Central Neighbourhood House
  • Silmy Abdullah, South Asian Legal Clinic of Ontario
  • Iren Tajbakhsh and Sarah Ferland, Elizabeth Fry Toronto
  • Yasmeen Persad, Jacq Hixson Vulpe, Roza Nozari, The 519
  • Vasfije Krasniqi Goodman, Survivor and Independent Expert


  • AIDS Committee of Toronto
  • Staff Members of Avon Maitland District School Board (AMDSB)
  • Canadian Centre for Women’s Empowerment
  • Dandelion Initiative
  • Elder Pat Green
  • Hooyo Project For Somali Mothers
  • Maternity Today
  • Native Women’s Resource Centre of Toronto
  • Native Child and Family Services of Toronto
  • Next Gen Men
  • Taisia Scobeleva – Independent, Survivor
  • Monica Forrester, Trans Pride Toronto
  • Women Focus Canada
  • Survivors of GBV who wish to remain anonymous
  • Pru Girme, Toronto Queer artist and photographer
  • Marissa Kokkoros, Copywriting, Creative Direction
  • Raiesa – Toronto painter, poet, and musician
  • Kathleen – Human Trafficking Survivor
  • Jay Taimish, Musician
  • Leon Pierre, Graphic Design, Creative Input
  • Marianna Sciortino, Graphic Designer
  • Renee, Toronto vocalist/musician
  • Scott Norton, Indigenous Grass Dancer
Sources and Works Cited
A list of sources used in the Relentless Resilience report, the Gender-Based Violence Resource Centre, the Human Trafficking Info Hub, and other parts of the Relentless Resilience campaign.
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We would like to thank these donors for supporting the Relentless Resilience movement: