Our Vision

Our vision is a world in which all women and girls live free from violence.

Created in the name of gender equality, Aura Freedom is a grassroots women’s organization that works to eradicate violence against women and human trafficking through advocacy and education. We work with a diverse group of allies to achieve our goals.

Through education, advocacy, research, training, and feminist movement building, Aura Freedom has implemented sustainable projects addressing violence against women and human trafficking in both Canada and South Asia. Our work has advanced gender equality, empowered marginalized women and given survivors anti-oppressive access to crucial services. 

We have seen firsthand that by simply educating women and girls on their human rights empowers them to resist long-standing societal norms of gender inequality and the resulting implications, and live a life of good health and inclusiveness. When we add education on the root causes of gender-based violence, the impact of our work is further increased.

Solidarity is powerful. Aura Freedom is a champion for grassroots action. We love to foster collaboration and strive to get unlikely colleagues to the same table to work together and break down silos. We engage with civil society, government and the private sector to strengthen and mainstream the feminist movement. Our efforts to prevent violence against women are inclusive and barrier-free, fostering solidarity and grassroots resilience. We are a non-governmental organization with no religious ties seeking to create long-lasting, systemic change.

Aura Freedom is an intersectional feminist organization. Our ‘gender lenses’ are always on. Our awareness work highlights how gender inequality and other root causes perpetuate gender-based violence and how equality can bring about positive change for everyone.

Our Beliefs

Violence against women is fracturing families and communities around the globe. It is creating intergenerational trauma and addiction, disrupting education, limiting economic empowerment, and perpetuating poverty.

And, sadly, it is robbing us all of infinite talent, opportunity, and love.

In many societies, women are the backbone of their families and communities. So, when you break a woman down, you break down all those around her. Grassroots feminist groups have known this for a long time.

We are of the firm belief that when women and girls are educated and empowered, they become powerful catalysts for positive change whose success benefits everyone around them. Healthy communities start with healthy women and girls. When women and girls finally live free from violence, we will all live more vibrant, prosperous and peaceful lives.

Will you join us?

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Our Activities

• Education and Knowledge-Sharing

• Awareness Campaigns and Special Events

• Workshops and Training

• Media Analysis and Reform

• Grassroots and Community Research

• Advocacy and Policy Work

• Survivor Support