Storytime To Change the World - by Aura Freedom

Today’s kids know that the world needs more kindness, equality, courage and justice.
Check out our Storytime To Change The World series for stories that inspire compassion, advance equality and make the world a better place for all kids. At Aura Freedom, we believe that the ripple effects of loving education can truly change the world.
Whether you’re snuggling up with your little ones at the end of the day, or working from home and need some time, these stories are our gift to parents and children everywhere. Each story has been lovingly chosen by our team and our circle of supporters and aims to teach children to value what really matters in life and to achieve our vision of an equal world free from violence for all women and girls. 
For kids of all ages!

Read by cool people who give a damn. 

Enter full screen mode, turn up the volume, press play and change the world with us!