COVID-19 is new. Gender-based violence isn’t.

covid-19 is new. gender-based violence isn’t For women around the world who experience violence in their homes, every day is an emergency. Every day is life or death. For these women and their children, the COVID-19 crisis presents complex health risks that go beyond the disease itself.  UN Secretary-General António Guterres recently called the global surge in domestic violence due to country lockdowns “horrifying.” He’s right. The truth is, gender-based violence (GBV) has always been horrifying. But now, with governments mandating social distancing and

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Ontario Government Human Trafficking Roundtables

Ontario Government Human Trafficking Roundtables In 2019, Aura Freedom participated in a series of roundtables with the Ontario Provincial Government to inform their new strategy to address human trafficking in the province. As usual, we made sure to advocate for the most marginalized groups and for the strategy to address gender inequality, colonialism, and other root causes of sexual exploitation.

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