Human Trafficking Exit & Healing – Nepal

It is important to note that Aura Freedom does not participate in “rescue industry” activities. We meet survivors where they are, recognizing their diverse backgrounds, stories, and choices. We also refute the patriarchal ‘victim narrative’ that has a limited view of what trafficking and trafficked persons look like.

Our Human Trafficking Exit & Healing program in Nepal works on the frontlines in the fight against human trafficking, supporting the liberation and rehabilitation of survivors of human trafficking through our agents and partners, Maiti Nepal.

The program encompasses the entire exit and rehabilitation process, including:
-Investigation of missing girl or woman
-Brothel visit (if necessary)
-Repatriation of Survivor
-Rehabilitation of Survivor – physical, emotional and spiritual- this rehabilitation includes sustainable empowerment programs and vocational training for Survivors run by Survivors themselves – training includes sewing, handicraft making, farming, gardening, cooking, dancing, computer-based courses and more
-Basic education of Survivors and their children
-Awareness campaigns in rural communities in high-risk areas for human trafficking and border patrol at high-risk checkpoints – all facilitated by Survivors themselves
-Conviction of traffickers in some cases

The Empowerment of Survivors of gender-based violence is our passion, and we believe that Survivors can contribute beautiful and important things to society. Through local women and advocates, Aura Freedom conducts Empowerment Programs with Survivors which increase their self-worth, confidence and remind Survivors just how amazing they all are. After leaving exploitation is when new life begins, and we believe that empowered and educated Survivors are some of the most powerful weapons in the fight against human trafficking.

Our country agents, Maiti Nepal, have been working tirelessly for over 20 years, fighting human trafficking and slavery on every level. Its founder, CNN Hero Anuradha Koirala, and her team have changed the lives of thousands of girls; patrolling borders, visiting child exploitation brothels, rehabilitating survivors, even changing the way the police are trained in Nepal. We are honoured to have Anuradha and Maiti Nepal as our partners.