Gender Justice and Racial Justice Go Hand in Hand. There is No Other Way.

Renewing our Commitment to Racial Justice

Aura Freedom stands against all forms of racism and colonialism.
In our quest to eradicate gender-based violence, we work hard to highlight how systemic racism and colonialism harm Indigenous women, Black women and other women of colour and contribute to increased rates of violence and immense community trauma. As an organization, we believe that the way to change the world is to achieve true equity.
Our efforts to end gender-based violence and advance gender equality go hand-in-hand with dismantling racist and colonial structures.
There is no other way.
Black lives matter. Aura Freedom stands with the Black women on our team and Board of Directors. They matter and we will always fight for them.

Aura Freedom stands against all forms of violence and we recognize the painful impact and intergenerational trauma that years of police brutality have had on Black and Indigenous communities in Canada and worldwide. We acknowledge how extremely difficult and exhausting the past weeks, months and years have been for Black and Indigenous folks (including our own team members) and we will continue to advocate for you and educate others on the impact of systemic racism. 
We hear you, we see you, we love you.
All of our advocacy, awareness and education efforts are created based on the needs and challenges of marginalized women, including Indigenous women, Black women, other women of colour, girls/ youth, women with disabilities, economically and socially marginalized women, migrant women, trans folks and gender diverse folks. Our team members have completed numerous anti-oppression trainings to ensure that we all understand, acknowledge, respect and prioritize the needs of these communities. These trainings will continue.

Every day, Aura Freedom acknowledges the existence of systemic racism and colonialism in Canada and around the world and we will continue to support and stand with everyone affected. We will continue to actively evolve our processes, communications and content to advance the ongoing movement for racial justice and gender justice worldwide. We are committed to listening, learning and showing compassion in the face of inequality and indifference.

In solidarity and with brave love in our hearts,
The Aura Freedom Team