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Gender-Based Violence & The SDGs

Gender-based violence is deeply connected to the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Gender-based violence is stopping
Canada and the world from thriving.

Gender-based violence is destroying our communities.

And we can prove it.

Gender-based violence is impacting families, communities and entire countries. While global heads of state convene to discuss struggling economies, disease, migration, poverty, and climate change, we at the grassroots level know that the eradication of gender-based violence and the empowerment of women and girls can bring increased wealth, health, peace and climate justice to our communities.

Grassroots groups have been advocating for change for a long time.

We can’t wait any longer.

An Infographic

Click on the image to download our infographic of gender-based violence in Canada across the UN SDGs, a key feature of Aura Freedom’s Relentless Resilience Report.

Click image to download worksheet

students and educators!

Want to get involved? Download this Worksheet and host an activity in your school or group. Then, join the Relentless Resilience movement to end gender-based violence for good.

Housing Food Security Healthcare Education The Economy The Environment and more...

Gender-based violence affects every single aspect of life in Canada and around the world.

And it’s completely preventable.

Still, more needs to be done.

Gender-based violence is a national (and global) emergency, but has never been treated as such.

Although there have been advancements in women’s rights in Canada and globally, gender-based violence is still happening at alarming rates. Governments have always had a reactionary approaches that intervene when the violence as already happened. What is needed is a preventative approach that focuses on education, equity and social justice which will eradicate gender-based violence from the root.

Explore our full list of recommendations on how to truly end gender-based violence in Aura Freedom’s Relentless Resilience reports below:

The Role of Beijing +25

What’s happening 25 years after Canada signed Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action?

Beijing +25 Advocacy: CSW65 & Generation Equality

Aura Freedom at CSW65 and the
Generation Equality Forum

‘Gender-Based Violence is Destroying the World’ was an event hosted by Aura Freedom at the Virtual Forum of the 65th UN Commission on the Status of Women. The event featured a powerful review of how GBV is affecting the achievement each of the UN Sustainable Development Goals and how to eradicate it through grassroots, holistic change that addresses the root causes of gender-based violence (gender inequity, systemic racism, colonialism, trans/homophobia and more) and societal power imbalances that uphold the status quo.

Aura Freedom was also a Generation Equality Commitment Maker and an active member of the Advisory Working Group, which ensured the voices of grassroots civil society were heard throughout the Generation Equality Forums in Paris and Mexico.

Check out the Generation Equality Action Coalitions Global Acceleration Plan, which was a result of the work of countless activists and advocates around the world. This advocacy continues today.

watch the recording here

We're not waiting anymore.

We refuse to accept gender-based violence and we refuse to wait any longer for change. 

When will women, girls and gender diverse people matter enough? In a world that has mobilized to end a pandemic, can we not mobilize in the same way to end gender-based violence which has been happening at pandemic rates for centuries?

Why is gender-based violence still happening? Every day, women’s shelters see two women leave and another three show up and COVID-19 has only made things worse. Relentless Resilience will work to PREVENT and ERADICATE gender-based violence, as opposed to solely responding to it when it has already happened. We will do this by addressing the root causes of violence and advancing equity. Yes, this is a long process and we may never see the full results in our lifetime, but it is the only way to create true, long-term change for everyone.

Follow and join the Relentless Resilience movement to end gender-based violence for the benefit of everyone on earth.

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