Awareness and Education

Aura Freedom has always believed in the power of education to change the world. Through our workshops, presentations and awareness events, we share knowledge and education to prevent and end gender-based violence, advance equity and empower women and girls.

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recent awareness and education projects and events

‘Reclaiming Power’ – A Webinar on Human Trafficking and Violence Against Indigenous Women in Canada

reclaiming power – a conversation on human trafficking and violence Against indigenous women in canada In July 2020, Aura Freedom participated in the ‘Reclaiming Power’ forum for a conversation on human trafficking and violence against Indigenous women in Canada hosted by She Leads from Ontario Tech University.  Our Executive Director Marissa Kokkoros provided a (very) crash course on what human trafficking

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The Peer Prevention Project

THE PEER PREVENTION PROJECT Suggested citation: Aura Freedom. (2021). Aura Freedom’s Human Trafficking Peer Prevention Project. Fourth Edition. Lecture presented in Toronto. When addressing gender-based violence sexual exploitation and human trafficking, Aura Freedom’s HTPPP goes deep to the root of the issue: inequality. Patriarchy, gender inequality, systemic racism, colonialism, homo/transphobia, ableism, classism, and capitalism are all actively contributing to gender-based violence and

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Standing Up for Survivors of Wartime Sexual Violence

Standing Up for Survivors of Wartime Sexual Violence In August 2019, we stood in solidarity with the Sudanese women’s group Kandaka International for Women’s Rights to support Sudan’s survivors of wartime sexual violence. Our Executive Director gave a talk on sexual violence in conflict and presented an interview she had with survivor Vasfije Krasniqi-Goodman (photo below), a survivor of the war in

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‘Walk a Mile in My Shoes’ – An Aura Freedom Special Event

Walk a Mile in My Shoes – An Aura Freedom Special Event In May 2019 we hosted the experiential learning event “Walk a Mile in My Shoes” that raised awareness of the root causes of sexual exploitation and human trafficking and honoured survivors and their family members. Supported by the Department of Justice Canada and Lush Cosmetics North America, the event explored how marginalized communities in

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Ontario Human Trafficking Awareness Day – 2019

ontario human trafficking awareness day – Feb 22, 2019 On February 22, 2019, our Youth Team participated in the Provincial Human Trafficking Awareness Day, organized by the Toronto Counter Human Trafficking Network. With other community partners including FCJ Refugee Centre, Native Child and Family Services of Toronto and the Rise Initiative, we spoke on a panel discussing human trafficking on Toronto and how to better support survivors and prevent trafficking before it

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