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Imagine a world free from violence against women.

'Imagine' Video Series by Aura Freedom

4 Videos

Content warning: This video series contains depictions of violence against women. Please take care of yourself before and after watching.

About the Imagine video series

Violence against women is affecting every single aspect of life in Canada.

Aura Freedom’s Imagine video series takes viewers on a journey through the impact of male violence against women – not only on survivors and their families – but on society as a whole.

From housing and healthcare, to education and the economy, violence against women is impacting families, communities, and entire countries. So, when we work to end violence against women, we are actually working to see our communities – and country – thrive. 

We're not waiting anymore.

The Imagine video series is part of Aura Freedom’s wider Relentless Resilience movement to end gender-based violence in Canada.

About Violence Against Women (VAW)

What does violence against women
look like in Canada?

Explore definitions, stats, infographics, survivor stories and grassroots insights on our GBV Resource Centre, with a segment on Violence Against Indigenous Women created with Native Women's Resource Centre Toronto.

Why does violence against women happen? What are the root causes?

VAW is tied to gender inequality and happens to women/girls from all walks of life. But other systemic root causes put some women at increased risk, including Indigenous, racialized, migrant, rural, women with disabilities, LGBTQ2S+ and more.

How is violence against women
impacting my community?

Explore the rarely-discussed connection between gender-based violence, the UN Sustainable Development Goals and life as we know it. A powerful eye opener for anyone working to end violence against women and girls.

What is the role of men and boys and
how can they be a part of the change?

Men and boys must be part of the change. Discover tools and resources from our partners and friends at White Ribbon and learn how to get involved or how to become an ally and end violence against women and girls.
Get Help in Toronto/Canada
Emergency numbers, safety planning info, and other resources for survivors of gender-based violence.
Get Help
Gender-Based Violence Resource Centre
Explore our Gender-Based Violence Resource Centre for definitions, stats, survivor voices, grassroots insights, and more.
Learn More
Violence Against Indigenous Women: A Special Segment
Explore this segment of the GBV Resource Centre created with Native Women's Resource Centre Toronto and other community activists.
Learn More
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The Imagine series is a collaborative, community effort.

From script writing and acting, to music mixing and production, we are so grateful to the grassroots advocates, frontline workers, shelter staff, creative minds, youth and survivors who contributed their expertise and brilliance to this video series.


  • Melissa Compton – Indigenous educator, former frontline worker, gender-based violence and sex trafficking prevention
  • Asha Dahir – community advocate, gender-based violence and sex trafficking prevention
  • Nikki Dube – frontline social worker, trauma counsellor, feminist activist, gender-based violence and sex trafficking prevention
  • Jocelyn Kagige –  Indigenous community wellness worker, advocate and artist
  • Tashin Rodoshi – community advocate, GBV prevention
  • Native Women’s Resource Centre of Toronto – Pamela Hart
  • Women’s Habitat domestic violence shelter
  • Survivors who wish to remain anonymous
  • Aura Freedom’s Board of Directors and Advisors
Creative Team:
Creative Direction & Copywriting: Marissa Kokkoros 
Graphic Design: Marianna Sciortino 
Campaign Management/Creative Input: Jennifer Feijo


Production Team: Too Many Cooks Productions
Producer: Carlo Vitelli
Writer/Field Producer: Massimo Pagliaroli
Writer/Director: Antonino Pruiti
Camera/Editor: Cris Donciulescu
Mixer: Deanna Marano
Song: “Time Passes By” by Dan Philipson
  • Asha Dahir
  • Lorelei Eccleston
  • John Kokkoros
  • Marissa Kokkoros
  • Bella, Ethan & Gioia

Thank you for your heart and your Relentless Resilience in the face of the most normalized human rights abuse in the world. Together in solidarity.


We’d like to thank the Canadian Women’s Foundation and TD Bank for supporting the Imagine video series and the wider Relentless Resilience campaign to end gender-based violence by Aura Freedom. 

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