Relentless Resilience Webinar Series- A Diplomatic Genocide: Violence Against Indigenous Women in Canada

Aura Freedom collaborated with Indigenous artists, community members and frontline workers in Toronto for an online event on violence against Indigenous women, as part of our Relentless Resilience campaign. Through community conversations, this event raises awareness of violence against Indigenous women in Canada, its roots in colonialism and patriarchal ideals, and how advancing equity is key to eradicating it. Including a grass dance by Scott Norton and opening ceremony by Elder Pat Green.

Relentless Resilience Webinar Series- Celebrating Resilience: Focusing on Black Survivors of Sexual Violence

Aura Freedom collaborated with the Toronto Rape Crisis Centre / Multi-Cultural Women Against Rape and Toronto vocalist Renee for another Relentless Resilience event to highlight the realities and resilience of Black Survivors of sexual violence and explore the dangerous combination of gender inequality and anti-Black racism that Black women face in their daily lives.

Relentless Resilience Webinar Series- Changing Locker Room Talk: Engaging Men & Boys to End Gender-Based Violence

Aura Freedom collaborated with White Ribbon and Next Gen Men for another Relentless Resilience event to unpack the connections between unhealthy masculinity and gender-based violence. Engaging men and boys to end violence against women is an important step to realizing a world without violence. Don’t miss a live youth musical performance by Jay!

Relentless Resilience Webinar Series- CSW65: Gender-Based Violence is Destroying the World

Gender-based violence IS and HAS BEEN a global emergency and human rights abuse for centuries – yet has never been treated as such. Aura Freedom participated in the 65th Commission on the Status of Women in 2021 with this powerful event exploring how gender-based violence is negatively impacting the world and the achievement of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Relentless Resilience Webinar Series- Unblurred Lines: Sexual Harassment and Violence in the Workplace

Aura Freedom collaborated with Dandelion Initiative for a powerful online event on sexual harassment and violence in the workplace as part of our Relentless Resilience campaign. 30% of women have experienced one or more unwanted sexual behaviours in the workplace. This event explores sexual harassment and gender-based violence in the workplace, who is affected, and provides information on how to address it and support staff members to work in a healthy environment.

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Gender-Based Violence is affecting
every single aspect of life in Canada.

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