Michele Anderson collaborating with Aura Freedom

We're thrilled to welcome Michele Anderson, Human Trafficking Specialist from Toronto's Covenant House to speak at An Evening with Humanity 2.

Michele has 20 year human trafficking experience working at Covenant House with victims of domestic and international human trafficking. She has developed a unique expertise, which includes identification, interventions and extensive case management such as “Deviant Practices” in conjunction with various community partners. Michele is committed to a community approach in tackling this increasingly challenging problem.

Michele works in collaboration with the Toronto Police Services' Human Trafficking Enforcement Team who are dedicated to helping victims of human trafficking. She is also a member of the Toronto Counter Human Trafficking Network (TCHTN) and has been a keynote speaker at the Alliance Against Modern Slavery's annual conference as well as TCHTN's 3rd roundtable forum. Michele has contributed to the Ontario Coalition Research Initiative on the Incidence of Human Trafficking in Ontario and Justice Canada's Forum on Forced Marriage. Recently, she provided support to the Survivors of Toronto's first human trafficking conviction.



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