relentless resilience - a beijing +25 Canadian parallel report

The Grassroots has spoken.

In February 2020, Aura Freedom submitted an official Beijing +25 Canadian Parallel Report with a focus on gender-based violence entitled ‘Relentless Resilience.

Relentless Resilience is a Beijing +25 Parallel Report that calls for holistic change to address the root causes of gender-based violence (gender inequity, systemic racism, colonialism, ableism, trans/homophobia, capitalism, etc.) and societal power imbalances that uphold the status quo. Our guiding framework is rooted in human rights activism, grassroots excellence, trauma and, of course, resilience. Relentless Resilience aims to highlight the most marginalized women and girls in Canada and the resiliency of them in response to violence, oppression, and indifference. 

Through interviews with frontline social workers and survivor stories from grassroots organizations in the City of Toronto, Canada, our Beijing +25 Parallel Report demonstrates how gender-based violence is impacting all 12 Areas of Critical Concern of the Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action and hindering the achievement of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Relentless Resilience can be considered a point of reference for advocacy efforts that call for the eradication of gender-based violence throughout the entire year of Beijing +25, including CSW64 and the Generation Equality Forum taking place in Mexico and France in 2020, and beyond. 

Click here for the report: AF_RelentlessResilience_Beijing25_Cdn_ParallelRpt_Feb2020.pdf

Attending CSW64? Come and meet Aura Freedom on March 13th at the Church Center for the United Nations (Drew Room) at 6:15pm for the launch of Relentless Resilience, where we will present key findings, share resiliency strategies with our colleagues from around the world, and build the feminist movement. All are welcome!

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