Our Values


Image courtesy of Clown One Italia Onlus

We believe in the value of every human life, and that no human, whether man or woman, should be subjected to atrocities in the name of tradition, culture, law, religion or as a result of poverty. We believe it is our global responsibility to grant human rights to all peoples, in every corner of the world. We believe in the right to live in peace and the right to be educated and that these rights should never be denied to any human being based on gender, culture, ethnicity, religion or social class.

We believe that empowering women can shift the entire universe and help eradicate poverty, illiteracy and violence and that the untapped talent and power of women can bring the world infinite peace and wealth. We believe that putting responsibility into the hands of women can change the world, and that the mother figure is the most powerful and influential on earth.

We believe that every human being, man or woman, has the capacity to contribute to this world in a profound and positive way and that each of us deserves that opportunity.

We believe in service and helping our neighbours, whether they be next door or overseas. We believe in the spirit of Mother Teresa, and look to her for constant inspiration. The globalization of the world no longer permits us to remain ignorant to international issues; these issues are our own and taking responsibility for them is the most beautiful and just thing we can do as a human race.

We believe in good old-fashioned SHARING and that in a world of abundance, there should be no girl who must sell her body to support her family and no child who should have to die from hunger or disease as a result of poverty.

We believe in respecting and protecting the innocence of young girls and that her body is exclusively hers and that


We believe in the innate goodness of humanity, and that education, compassion and service is the way to achieve greatness. We will promote our values through loving education, the most powerful tool there is.