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  • Marissa Kokkoros – Founder & Director
    Marissa Kokkoros started her journey in women’s rights doing field work with different organizations around the world. From her travels in Sub-Saharan Africa, India, Nepal, Italy, Bosnia and more, she has studied and researched the...
  • Our Team
    We are people who love people. We are passionate and bold. And we are a team that believes in Peace and Freedom for all women and girls.  Our Board of Directors Marissa Kokkoros - Founder...

Our Clown Connection

Honouring the clowns we are
Sky Walker Clown Nepal (59)

Yes, we are clowns. Being a clown doesn't mean you're not able to see what is and isn't important. Our experiences clowning and our connection to the work of Patch Adams and our clown friends around the world is something we will always hold dear to our hearts. We truly believe in the power of laughter. We have seen first-hand the effects that a simple smile can have on the world, whether it be an impoverished country, a nursing home or the cashier line at the supermarket. Clowning is not something we do when we put our noses on. Clowning is part of our everyday lives. We believe that, in essence, all we need is love and clowning is a way to eliminate borders, bring peace and restore humanity. Besides, we love being silly. It's who we are. Visit our friends at patchadams.org and www.clowns.it

Sky Walker Clown Nepal (27)
Photos courtesy of Clown One Italia Onlus.